Innovative. Disruptive Approach.  

Multi-Tier Agency Network

  • Plug and Play Model System

  • National Team Building System

  • Multi Agency Override System

  • No Experience Needed

Wholesale Contracts

  • Direct Carrier Appointments

  • Corporate License Required

  • Sub IMO or GA Partnership

Joint-Venture Partnership

  • Build National IMO Agency

  • $1-$2M Capital Required

  • Financing Available 

World Class Partners

  • Lafayette Life

  • Mutual Trust Life

  • Fidelity & Guaranty Life

  • Ohio National Life

  • National Life

  • AIG Life

  • Allianz Life

  • ANICO Life

  • Columbus Life

  • Foresters Financial

  • Gerber Life

  • Global Atlantic Life

  • Transamerica Life

  • Viva Wealth Funds

  • Wells Real Estate Investment

  • Square One Financial

  • Dzign Pro Technologies

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