Agent Contracting Instruction

Step 1 - Go to to log into your Agent Back Office.

page 1 how to.png
page 2 how to.png
page 3 how to.png

Step 2 – Click “Business Center” from your Agent Back Office

page 4 how to.png

Step 3- Click “Contracting & Appointment” from Business Center

Step 4 – Click “Agency Contracting” from below page

page 6 how to.png

Step 5 – Enter required information on the form (make sure to upload all required files)

Step 5-1.png
Step 5-2.png

Step 6 – Authentication Page

Step 7 – Form – Please enter all require informations

Step 7-2.png
Step 7-3.png
Step 7-4.png

Step 8 – Optional

Step 8.png